Technology and myopia of the hand. Tips to take care of the sight of children.

We are currently surrounded by technology, which is very attractive for children. The games are not as simple as before and go hand in hand with technology, being the most desired by children, phones, tables, video games, computers, among others. This being harmful to the health of the eyes, if exposed to a lot of time in front of the screens.


Many children are already being affected by problems with their sight, headache, the tendency to squint and discomfort with light sources are the main symptoms.



Children, from an early age, are already increasingly busy using technological devices and video games, which makes them more prone to myopia than adults today. For this reason I want to leave some simple tips to protect the health of the eyes in our children.


Keeping children outdoors at least one hour a day, forces the eye to also use the peripheral visual field, taking into account that they spend many hours inside the school and the house. In addition, motor activity and sports are also an aid in this field, because they guarantee a good exercise for the eyes that, having an open field available, has the possibility of focusing objects and subjects at a distance.


Explain that mobile phones, PCs, tablets and books should be used at distances greater than 30 cm from the eyes.

Prevent children from using electronic instruments, such as television, in the dark or in low light. In general, the point at which one reads or uses the computer should be three times brighter than the rest of the room.


It is important that while they are sitting, children keep their feet on the ground and shoulders straight, in order to keep both eyes at the same height.

The desk where they study or use the PC should be an inclined plane of about 15 or 20 degrees.

Myopia can also be combated with good nutrition, the foods that can protect the eyes are all those rich in vitamin A, such as green leafy vegetables, blue-skinned fruits such as blueberries, almonds and walnuts (rich in fatty acids and omega 3). In my blog there is a lot of information about fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A.


These simple tips can greatly help combat myopia in our children, they are simple tips and we should not ignore them.


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