God uses the tests to make us grow.

Psalm 26: 2

Investigate, O LORD, and put me to the test; Purify my mind and my heart with fire.

From the Word of God we learn that all who believed have received the authority of the Lord, but not all believers demonstrate the same level of authority. Why? Because in authority one grows in level as the trials of life are surpassed.


To grow spiritually, we all need to be transformed, and as in the verse quoted above (Psalm 26: 2), the psalmist asks God to purify his mind and heart, so we need purification when our thoughts and emotions of our Heart do not agree with his Word. He allows tests of various kinds to be introduced into our lives to show us what we lack, as in the course of a test, in the presence of questions that he can not answer, the student identifies his deficiencies.




The Bible affirms that all men, even non-believers, are judged, but for the children of God, the spiritual tests serve to produce a transformation that gradually makes them conform to the image and likeness of Christ.


Revelation 3:10

Since you have kept the word of my constancy, I will also keep you in the hour of the trial that will come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.

God makes us grow in authority as we pass the tests. For example: David was anointed king when he was a boy, but after being anointed, he again grazed the sheep. He had to pass many tests before becoming king of a single tribe of Israel, and only once again became king of the entire nation.


God wants to promote us both spiritually and materially. He wants us all to be prosperous, but in reality we are not all, because not everyone is approved by him. He can not give us many things because we are still not able to handle them.


As in the desert, a place full of rocks, God tried his people to do well, making him understand that he was not self-sufficient and that he needed it, so much that he provided everything necessary to live at the same time. At the time of the trials, He wants to humiliate us, that is, make us understand that we need Him and highlight what is in our heart, but His purpose is to do us good.


Deuteronomy 8: 15-16

That brought you through this great and terrible desert, a place of burning serpents and scorpions, dry land without water; that made the water of the hard rock spill for you; 16 that in the desert he fed you with the manna that your parents did not know, to humiliate you and to prove you and to make you at the end of good.

This process is used by God to transform us from the mind and the carnal behavior to the mind and behavior of Christ.

For the Israelites, God chose the desert road because he wanted to highlight what was in their hearts, but only some were approved and arrived in the promised land, the others died in the desert.


In our life, the tests can be of several types: difficulties, disappointments, painful accidents, unpleasant events, etc., but if we do not want our needs to remain unsatisfied, we must resort at all times to the celestial resources.


The time of testing serves to make us pass from the mind and the carnal behavior to the mind and behavior of Christ. In the presence of problems, Jesus always knew what to do. When he was in front of a crowd to feed himself, while the disciples told him that there was no way to feed so many people, He knew what to do and, naturally, led them to think supernaturally. This means that we will never receive a miracle if we remain with the natural mind.


The spiritual tests are a means that God uses to teach us his ways and his power.


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