Steemchurch: The reality of Halloween.

Greetings friends and brothers.

Today in many parts of the world Halloween is celebrated … a tradition that has expanded little by little to countries that had never had this kind of traditions and that increasingly show it as something inoffensive and fun. A tradition that has seduced many villages with supposed fun for children and adults …


We know that this is Satan’s way of working … seducing people, showing something that is really the opposite, gradually polluting a territory and then convincing them that there is nothing wrong with that.




Let’s see then what Halloween really is …

Name’s origin:

The solemnity of all the saints is celebrated on November 1 and the Catholic Church begins to celebrate the night before. So on the night of October 31, they celebrate the eve of all the saints. Over time this word has been unified in the name of «Halloween.»


Its roots:

In the 6th century BC, the Celtic peoples of northern Europe celebrated the New Year with the feast of the sun, which began on the night of October 31 and indicated the end of summer and the crops. In this sense, these people believed that the god of death that night allowed the dead to return to the earth, fostering a climate of terror.


According to the Celtic religion, the souls of some deceased were transformed into ferocious animals and could be liberated with all kinds of sacrifices to the gods, including human sacrifices. One way to avoid evil spirits, ghosts and other monsters was to disguise themselves in disguises that looked like monstrous creatures, so they could go unnoticed.


Inclusion in Christianity:

When the Celtic peoples were Christianized, not all renounced their pagan customs. In addition, the chronological coincidence with the pagan festival of the feast of the sun with the celebration of all the saints and the dead, on the following day (November 2), caused Christian beliefs to be mixed with ancient superstitions about death.


With the arrival of Irish immigration to the United States, the Halloween party was introduced into the country, which became part of the popular folklore of the United States. Over time, the cultural contributions of other immigrant populations introduced new beliefs with the addition of ghosts, witches, elves, vampires and other monstrosities. Later, this pagan celebration has spread throughout the world.


One of the main satanic parties:

On the basis of some testimonies of conversing people who practiced Satanism, Halloween is one of the most important holidays for demonic cults because with it begins the new satanic year. The party is defined with a kind of «devil’s birthday party». On this date, satanic groups offer young people and, especially, children because they are pure and innocent. Inclusive, it has been reported that on this date is when more children are lost, since they are the most used for satanic sacrifices.


Pumpkin representation:

There is an Irish legend, where it is said that a man named Jack, who had been so bad and had done so much harm that he was even denied access to hell. So he was sent to an eternal exile on earth, wandering with a lantern: the famous pumpkin lit.


The most superstitious people to scare Jack put a similar flashlight on the window or in front of their house. Later, this tradition has become very popular, so the famous pumpkin has become the famous lantern with a monstrous face on Halloween, but really do not know the background of the story.


The masked party:

It has been so much the growth of this pagan celebration, that Hollywood invests amounts of money for the shooting of films referring to Halloween, where there is a high content of witchcraft, massacres, rites and games … even television channels for children show comic allusive to this celebration. Today in boomerang, discovery kids, Disney chanel, I have seen how they allude to the Halloween marathon, where they spend all day comiquitas with messages of Halloween.


Children are made to see that it is something fun without knowing the origins of such a pagan tradition, and the worst is that many Christian children have been seduced by this tradition because their parents (Christians) think it is something fun and something that There’s nothing wrong.




At present, we know that Satanists practice human sacrifice during this night, in the United States, in Australia and in France. Satanism increases within this celebration every year. In England sacrifices are made in honor of the god of death, choose the queen of witches, in the church of black magic. The chosen one gains fame, fortune and psychic powers to do evil.


The same Anton Lavey, author of the satanic bible and high priest of the church of Satan says that there are three extremely important days for all Satanists: their birthdays, April 30 and the most important day of all: HALLOWEEN. The satanic church assumes this festival as its own.


We know that in the spiritual realm, this brings powers to our cities, satanic influences, and that therefore we should not mix with pagan celebrations, but on the contrary, we should be watching and praying more than ever, make spiritual warfare, as long as the world celebrates and opens doors to evil spirits … if satanism does not rest, the Christian people should rest less … especially in days like this, which seduces so many people …


Let’s be watching and praying …


Ephesians 5: 7-11

7 Therefore, do not be partakers with them; 8 For before you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord; walk like children of light. 9 For the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth. 10 Examine what is pleasing to the Lord, 11 and do not participate in the sterile works of darkness, but rather, unmask them (repróchenlas).
We have been rescued from the world, from darkness, therefore we must preserve our sanctity and not participate in the darkness and protect our children from being attracted to these celebrations.


Ephesians 4: 17-19

17 This, then, I say and require in the Lord: that you no longer walk like the other Gentiles, who walk in the vanity of their mind, 18 having the understanding darkened, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, for the hardness of his heart, 19 who, after they lost all sensibility, gave themselves up to lasciviousness to commit with avidity every kind of impurity.



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