And you, how do you help a friend who is sad?… I await your comment

Greetings friends of steemit


Today I want to talk a little about the sadness and how we could help someone who is sad, because sometimes, some of our loved ones are sad and we must be there to feel our support.

Sadness, like happiness, is part of life. There could not be one without the other. It is likely that each of you had to live with a sad person at least once in your life. Do you remember how you helped her?

Some people are very good at giving comfort to those who are suffering. Others really do not know how to behave and almost remain paralyzed in front of a sad person. Sometimes, those who are sad need to simply stay alone, while others would like to have a small company, although they may not have the courage to ask for it.


The most important thing to do before deciding to help a sad person is to ask if he really needs us. Helping others only when they really want it is essential to be really useful for their needs and to discover how to support them in the right way.

Some people in front of those who are sad do not really know what to do and how to react. There are those who are too empathetic, they get carried away by the sadness of the other and fall into a vortex that does not allow any of them to recover. But there are also those who decide to pretend that everything is fine and that the sadness of the other person is something like a passenger who does not care in the least.

Sometimes, sadness is transmitted so strongly from one person to another that the risk is to be found in a short time in a real valley of tears. It’s okay to cry. It is absolutely right to let off steam when you are sad, but at a certain point, if you realize that the person who suffers, simply can not get up, it may be the time to react and participate to give you some comfort to achieve a smile. she.

But we should not abuse the sadness of others and we should not even violate it. Those who are sad have the full right to be sad. This does not mean that we can help sad people get in touch with a different point of view about the situation they are experiencing and help them regain the courage to react to what they may have lost.

What can we do to care for a sad person?

While sometimes those who are sad want to enjoy a moment of solitude, other times, proximity and an extra hug are a good solution to feel a little better immediately.

Sometimes, a sad person simply needs a moment of relaxation, a hug that comforts her and that someone who takes care of her brings something to eat and drink.

And, above all, let him vent, if the person wants, and tell the real reason why he feels sad. Talking about the problems will help to drain the sadness and pain that it can bring within itself, even with some tears, helps everyone to improve a little.


I would like you to tell me how you help others to overcome sadness.

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