Beware of envy, the feeling that eats bones.

Blessings brothers and friends.



What is envy?

Proverbs 14:30

The gentle heart is life of the flesh;
But envy rots the bones.

Envy is a very complex negative emotion, full of nuances, in which you can have opposite feelings: admiration and hatred, the desire to obtain a result and the frustration of not being able to achieve. It is a typical feeling of adults and comes from comparing oneself with others. It expresses a sense of inadequacy and the inferiority of those who prove it.

Ecclesiastes 4: 4

I have also seen that all work and excellence of works awakens the envy of man against his neighbor. This also is vanity and vexation of spirit.

The envious not only have a constant fear of losing something, such as exclusivity, but the effort of others and their reward, brings anger and other sins to the life of the person who feels envious. He feels envious of those who, comparing himself with others, feel disadvantaged and think that this is not right, in this way, envy makes him act against his neighbor

Acts 5: 17-18

17 And the high priest rose up, and all that were with him, that is, the sect of the Sadducees, were filled with envy;
18 And they laid hands on the apostles and put them in the public prison.

You can envy everything: beauty, wealth, good health, love, gifts (even those of the Holy Spirit!). But often the envious ones are not discovered immediately. Initially, you may experience a form of admiration, which soon turns into resentment towards the superior.

Genesis 30: 1

When Rachel saw that she bore Jacob no children, she envied her sister, and said to Jacob, Give me children, or else I die.

The envious person finds the difference between himself and others unjustified, which he recognizes as a threat to his positive image. He is an anxious person who thinks he can not make himself and get what he wants. And combat the sense of frustration that comes from making comparisons, blaming others and fighting with them.


In summary, four different feelings of the envious ones can be identified:


  • Suffer because others have what is denied.
  • He believes he has a right to what is denied.
  • Feels helpless in the face of disparity.
  • It enters into competition with the other, which thus becomes a real enemy to be destroyed.

Acts 7: 9

The patriarchs, moved by envy, sold Joseph to Egypt; but God was with him,

There are many nuances of envy.

There are those who want to have more for themselves and those who would like less for others; those who are envious of material goods, some of success, some of skill and talent, and desires for humiliations, failures, even worse, or even the death of their antagonists.

Envy can be dangerous, if beyond the control the reason is lost, this feeling is not pleasing to God, because a Christian can not be envious, he should not send his brother, he should be happy of his triumph and of what God It was given.

Psalm 106: 16-17

16 They were jealous of Moses in the camp,
And against Aaron, the holy one of the Lord.
17 Then the earth opened and swallowed Dathan,
And he covered the company of Abiram.

How to overcome envy

Self-esteem needs to be recovered, security is a correct image of oneself. Those who live close to an envious person should set in motion positive feelings such as affection, friendship, love, understanding and above all never forget that all this is possible only if one eagerly feeds on the Word of God.


Remember that God always speaks to us about love of neighbor, then in love there can be no envy.

1 Corinthians 13: 4

Love is long-suffering, it is benign; love is not envious, love is not boastful, it is not puffed up;

Let us not allow envy in our hearts, let us try at all times to rejoice for the triumph of our brothers, and let us work for our triumph, that with a good attitude, God will help us to achieve it!


The Bible Reina Valera (1960)

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