Saving a precious life.

Greetings friends.


Yesterday was a very hot day, the temperature was at 30 degrees, and really it was very hot, it seemed to be 40 degrees hahaha. I think the temperature was the reason why I spent the whole day with a strong migraine since morning.

I took a pill in the morning and it did not alleviate the pain and then in the afternoon I took another pill and nothing … So I had a lot of discomfort and decided to go to my mom’s house.

When we got there, a little bird fell from the place where he lived, it’s a baby swallow. We thought he was dead, because he fell from a height of 2 or 3 meters approximately. I grabbed it, It remained motionless for a while and then it started to move.


My big daughter has always liked animals and asked us for a pet, so when I told her we would take care of the little bird until she recovered, my daughter was so happy! He spent the rest of the afternoon excited, and had the spoiled pajarido. He told everyone he was his pet.


That joy that my daughter felt transported me to my childhood. I have also liked animals since I was little, and I remembered my first pet, it was a little bird, and the same emotion that she felt, I felt when I was a child.


Animals are beings that transmit a lot of energy, joy to our lives. My daughter enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and night so much, I’m sure she slept very happy. Despite my headache, I also felt very encouraged to have that lovely little bird with us.

Let’s take care of nature and enjoy it, it’s a gift from God.


All photographs were taken with the LG Risio phone. – Caracas Venezuela.

Note: this information was first published in my weku account.

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