While I wait for the rebirth of Venezuela

Greetings friends of steemit.


Yesterday when I was coming back to my house, the sky was very beautiful, it was a wonderful sunset since I left my mom’s house until I got home and I was able to relax a bit. I take several pictures, among them this one that I published.


This photograph was taken with my Casio exilim 3x camera. Caracas Venezuela.

Yesterday I was a bit discouraged to have to go shopping and see that everything is more expensive every day, and I have always tried to be very positive, but there are days when the levels of positivism are a bit low … well yesterday was one of those days.

I needed to make several purchases and I could not buy half of what I needed. I saw many people on the street who fed my sadness, because as I have said many times, the problem of my country is not only government, it is true that the government has made this country a disaster, but the most unfortunate thing is to see how people take advantage of the need of others, see how Venezuelans take advantage of their neighbor without caring about anything.

My little daughter is sick and people offer the medicines at an unattainable price. Thank God it is nothing serious, but I think, how does a person who has a son hospitalized and who requires a life and death medication, and get to these people who only think about squeezing their neighbor? they really care not about a child’s life, but their greed.

Some say it’s their job, but for me it’s not a job to buy something of firts necessity and then resell it at an exaggerated price, resellers have always existed but profit margins were always appropriate. Currently people intend to obtain a profit margin that exceeds 1000% and I do not know if that will happen in other countries, but I do not agree with those who act in this way.

Then I ask myself: In other countries will this phenomenon be seen? because for me it is that, «a phenomenon», it is not normal for your own people, in this case the same Venezuelans, to harm their own people. That is not normal for me. But unfortunately here, that is something normal. People are amazed when someone helps you without asking something in return or squeeze you with exorbitant prices when you need a product.

Definitely my country needs a change, and the most important is the change of mentality. It is necessary that respect and love of neighbor be reborn. There are still noble people, and I really ask God that these people do not become contaminated with the environment, so that we can rescue the values ​​in my country.

Let us fight so that when the moment so awaited by all of us arrives, we can raise our country with values ​​and respect, with unity and empathy towards our neighbors. Do not let the little light that remains in the country go out.


Let’s work from now on so that when Venezuela leaves this government, we really have a Venezuela FREE !!

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