Health in Venezuela.

Greetings friends.

The situation in Venezuela has changed so much that there is no sector or side of life that has not been affected. Some have been affected more than others, and the health sector has been one of the most affected in this revolution that only President Maduro and his people affirm is a marvel.

For about a month, I have had abdominal pain that has become stronger this week, so much so that in the early hours I woke up with pain. Yesterday it hurt a lot and I could not give the pain more time because it could be something delicate.

Currently in Venezuela the hospitals do not have supplies or there are no doctors because most of them have emigrated, going to a public hospital is losing time and a clinic, it is very expensive … so I went to a private clinic. I went at approximately 10 am and they treated me at approximately 4 in the afternoon. The diagnosis was functional colopathy (irritable bowel syndrome). Thank God in the abdominal echo all the organs went well.

One of the causes of this syndrome is poor diet, especially a diet that is not balanced … in Venezuela poor diet is what currently abounds. Last year, for example, at the school where my girl was studying, several children fainted during the school year, because they could not eat well, this is one of the biggest problems that the population has: A bad diet or / and poor nutrition. Malnutrition has increased markedly not only in children, but also in adults.

If we talk about medicines … well … we have already gone to several pharmacies and prices are sky high, only one of the medicines costs more than a minimum salary! «It costs Bs.42,000 and the current minimum wage in Venezuela is Bs.40,000.» And the treatment consists of 4 medications during a month. A person who only earns a minimum wage, how could he go to the doctor and buy the treatment? I could not cover the treatment and feed your family !!!

Thanks to God in the work of my husband, they can provide us with some of those medications, we must wait until tomorrow, to know which ones they can give us and which ones we should buy in order to start the treatment.

But I think… how will be the situation of those people, who do not have a benefit in their work for medicine or for a private consultation, today many people lose family members because they can not buy medicines … that is very sad.

Every day our prayer is for my country to get out of this crisis as soon as possible, and to be reborn as the beautiful and rich nation that it really is, where every Venezuelan can enjoy the bonanza and there is no misery.

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