Nature recovering life.

Greetings friends.



This wonderful view is one of the routes that I enjoy the most when I return home. I like it because the view is spectacular. Months ago, as I mentioned in other publications, there were many fires due to the drought, and the mountains were black because of the burns, others were brown because the plants had dried completely.


With the arrival of the rains, the mountains look beautiful, nature is recovering life. In the mountains you can see some small points, those points are trees with yellow flowers,it is the national tree of Venezuela and it is called Araguaney. Most of the mountains are adorning themselves that these beautiful trees, which bloom once a year and only keep their flowers for about 5 days.


Here we can appreciate more closely, as the mountains were completely dry, and as they are now recrobing life, you can also appreciate an araguaney more closely.


Nature is really wonderful, it is a beautiful gift that God has given us so that we can enjoy daily. Do not you believe?

I wish that your weekend is great, full of blessings and that you enjoy the time with your loved ones!

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