Today Independence Day in Venezuela «in slavery».

Greetings friends…

Today, July 5, Independence Day is celebrated here in my beautiful Venezuela. At this time when I write these lines, 7:30 am, you can already hear the airplanes that will present at the event commemorating this important date for a country.

Years ago listening to these planes was nice and gave some emotion because it was the act of our independence … freedom!

bandera avila 2.jpg

Waraira Repano (Ávila). Caracas Venezuela.

The Act of Independence was signed on July 5, 1811, of course, have passed a series of events, which marked the history of my country. During my studies we were learning the story without relevant modification.

However, currently the history of Venezuela will be marked and remembered in the books. Venezuela, after being a country recognized for its mineral wealth, the country with the largest reserve of oil in the world, its beautiful women, its beautiful landscapes and turisitic places that many foreigners enjoyed visiting us…

A free and independent country, today is enslaved and oppressed. A country where tyranny and corruption are in charge and control everything at will without any restraint. A rich country, because yet Venezuela is rich, but unfortunately they have ruined it, poverty can be seen and felt every day when I go out and cross the city and if you go to the center of Caracas (the capital of Venezuela), you can notice even more. Only those in power are currently enjoying and stealing the riches of this beautiful country.

bandera avila.jpg

Waraira Repano (Ávila). Caracas Venezuela.

A country that is not only physically enslaved, but even worse, is enslaved spiritually, because the government uses witchcraft and satanic pacts to perpetuate itself in the country.

The struggle is not only physical, while much people struggle to liberate Venezuela physically, we have been praying for the spiritual liberation of my country. That is to say, a country that today celebrates its independence, but that is more enslaved than ever.

Today there will be marches and rallies throughout the country, we will see how the day unfolds here in Venezuela, we know that little is missing, but only God knows when the time will come when the country will rise again.

I hope that next year on this date, my publication will be a joy because Venezuela is truly independent and truly free again.

All the photos were taken with my Casio Exilim 3x camera

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