Orchid National Flower of Venezuela.

Greetings friends…

I was disconnected for a while … I’m happy to post again. Especially, to show you the National flower of my country, Venezuela.

It is called orchid, it is a flower that attracts for its special beauty and diversity of colors, this time I bring you one of 2 shades, yellow and red. The plant, is very simple, that goes unnoticed, who does not know it, does not imagine that this simple plant can give flowers as beautiful as are orchids.


This photo was taken with the phone LG Risio
This flower was decreed National Flower of Venezuela on May 23, 1951, and it is a pride to see it. In this season in which they bloom and show us their beauty, it is a symbol of hope and reminder that good things are about to be reborn in our country, when we see things so sober and desolate, as is the plant before it blossoms. .. then comes the moment when beauty appears, at the least expected moment.

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