Greetings friends…

This week my daughters started their vacations, that means we will be more time together. I have to look for educational and fun activities so that during the holidays they continue to learn and when they start classes again, they are ready, I will also design a small schedule to take them for go for a walk from time to time.

One of the places we usually visit is the Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda park, this park has a lot to cover, it is wide, there you can enjoy contact with nature, there are a variety of trees and plants, as well as animals. Years ago It had a wide variety of animals, now you can only enjoy some, mainly birds, also leopard, otter and monkeys. It also has a terrarium, there are snakes, which honestly I have never liked, but my big daughter wants to enter, so it is one of the places I have thought of taking her to her.


This picture was taken at Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda Park, Caracas-Venezuela, with my Casio Exilim 3x camera.

The vacations, always so desired, you have to enjoy them to the fullest, because it is the time that passes faster, when you realize, they end in a blink of an eye, and although for us, previous years, holidays were synonymous with «travel», it is currently something that can not be done due to the high costs as a result of the hyperinflation that Venezuela is going through. However, that can not prevent us from going to a shopping center outside the city, visiting some parks and most importantly, enjoying family time, which is gold in our lives and even more so for our daughters. I know that those moments are what they most enjoy.

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