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Eucalyptus is a plant native to Australia, many species (around 600) belong to the genus Eucalyptus, but only 10% of them, thanks to their properties, are used by humans for therapeutic purposes. Plants that belong to the Eucalyptus genus are mainly used to produce paper or firewood, however it is also widely used for health. Let’s see some of the benefits that I could collect for this delivery.



Eucalyptus can be used to prevent colds, boiling the leaves and then spreading steam throughout the house. Also boiling its leaves can use the water for joint pain or inflammation (external use). Its leaves are also used to treat infections, fever, stomach problems and soothe a cough.

However, eucalyptus is mainly used for the therapeutic purpose in the form of an essential oil. The oil is extracted from the partially dried leaves through the steam stream distillation process.

Respiratory tract:

It is used to treat airway inflammation and as an expectorant.


The essential oil has marked antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Its action has proved particularly aggressive with some fungi.


It is known for its insect repellent properties and for being a natural pesticide. For these reasons, it is often used for lice treatment. Remember that some traditional lice treatments are often harmful to the hair and scalp. With eucalyptus, this risk disappears thanks to the naturalness of the product.

Dental health:

The antibacterial and vermicidal properties of the plant also have positive effects on the teeth. In fact, they counteract the activity of the bacteria that cause tooth decay, dental plaque and gingivitis. This explains why its essence is used in the composition of mouthwashes, toothpastes and other products for oral hygiene.


For external use it has healing properties and its benefits of use in case of burns, cuts, skin infections and herpes. The essential oil, thanks to its analgesic and anti-neuralgic properties, is also used in the treatment of insect bites.


Studies report that eucalyptus oil has analgesic properties, especially calming headaches and muscle aches. In case of pain in the joints and muscles, a massage with essential oil can relieve symptoms. Such massages are also recommended for people suffering from low back pain, nerve pain, muscle bruising, rheumatism and tendinitis.


It combats laziness and mental fatigue and can also be useful for solving cases of stress and mental disorders. It is normally used to stimulate the mind and increase blood flow to the brain.

The oil should never be taken pure, but should be diluted with water, both for external and internal use and in small quantities.




Thanks to its refreshing properties, it is also used to fight oily skin. Some drops added to the shampoo make the hair softer and brighter and, above all, regulate the amount of sebum in the scalp.


Another use is as a face cream that counteracts oily skin and pimples.

Thanks to its many properties, it is used for the preparation of cosmetic products for the health and beauty of our body. With eucalyptus, soaps and deodorants are prepared with a cooling effect on the skin.

Tired feet:

The essential oil is also used for foot baths as it can deflate and relax them.

Environmental disinfectant:

It can also be used as an environmental disinfectant by pouring a few drops into the humidifier.


When taken in high doses, the essential oil can cause nausea, vomiting, gastritis and seizures. It can also interfere with some medications, so it is always essential to consult your doctor if you have questions.

Eucalyptus essential oil is not recommended for pregnant women and children due to cineol present in good quantity.

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