Greetings friends.

Today was a tired day.

I had to do a paperwork in a public office, and I was in line from 8 am to 1pm, under the sun and that exhausted me a lot.


The system was slow due to the interruptions of the internet service and that is why it took so long with my procedure. Tomorrow I continue with the final phase of the process, I hope tomorrow will be faster and less tiring.

In the afternoon the weather has changed, it has rained. I thought the weather would be cool but the heat is strong, however at this time when it is 9:20 pm there is a lot of thunder and lightning, my little girl says that a storm is coming, because she is afraid when she sees the lightning and hears the Thunders.

When I was a child I was also scared of thunder and lightning, I think it happens to all of us when we are children.

I have to recharge my batteries, so today I go to bed early, tomorrow I have to get up early.

Good Night.

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