just a scare!

Greetings friends.

Yesterday afternoon, I received my mother’s call, distressed , because my dad was faded and began to shake, she needed me to go home as soon as possible to take my dad to the hospital. The fastest I could get, if I didn’t get traffic, it would be about 20 minutes, but at that time my husband had left with the car and I wil have had to wait for him to arrive.

I immediately began to pray that nothing bad would happen to my dad and I tried to communicate with my husband to go find my parents.

Currently, telecommunications are very bad … (it is part of the black package we have here in Venezuela), when I finally reached out to my husband (approximately 10 minutes), he was in an area close to where my parents live, but my Mom had gone out with a neighbor to take my dad to the doctor.


Since the beginning of the year, my father has been in cardiac arrhythmia studies, this causes him to faint, he becomes dizzy, his heartbeat is disturbed and his blood pressure is sometimes increased. They have performed several exams, however they give him a diagnosis and a treatment, then they prescribe another treatment and in short there is no specific diagnosis, sometimes, the treatment they prescribe is not achieved and then they must change the treatment.

I was able to communicate with my mother… they managed to see my father in the Social Security hospital. I went with my husband there and we hope what the doctor told us. They did an electrocardiogram and took the tension, my dad was a little agitated. They stabilized him and said he had nothing.


Thank God the electrocardiogram went well. My dad started to feel good and we left the hospital.

I thank God that my dad is fine. It was just a fright! It was also a miracle, that they have attended him in the social security hospital, in general they do not have how to attend to the patients, and on this occasion they performed an electrocardiogram, that gave us certainty that everything was fine.

Back at my house, I could take these pictures. A beautiful sunset, to pass the scare!


All the photos were taken with my Casio Exilim 3x camera

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