Teachers request living wages.

Greetings friends.

Today my little girl did not have classes, she studies in a public school. The reason he did not have class: The teachers were today in protest against discontent of the wages they earn.

Unfortunately, the situation in Venezuela regarding wages is alarming. Years ago, a university person, earned a salary much higher than the minimum wage, however, the minimum wage allowed to live relatively well.

As many know, the outlook in Venezuela has changed a lot with the current government regime. Our currency is devalued more and more and every day it is more difficult to acquire the products of the basic basket.


Currently the minimum wage in Venezuela is Bs. 40,000.00 Monthly ($ 1.95 monthly), a salary that is not enough at all! I admire those people (usually workers) who earn a minimum wage. The price of the basic basket according to the Center for documentation and analysis for workers (CENDA) is Bs. 3,595,488.29 ($ 175.29)

To give you an example: only A kilo of rice costs 43,000.00 ($ 2.09) as you can see, a kilo of rice in Venezuela costs more expensive than a worker’s monthly salary. A kilo of meat costs approximately Bs. 70,000.00, depending on where you buy it and the type of meat ($ 3.41)

The current salary of a teacher is between Bs. 80,000.00 (2 minimum wages) up to Bs. 180,000.00 ($ 8.78) that would correspond to a teacher with postgraduate and master’s degrees.

According to the constitution, we all have the right to express our discontent peacefully and so far the teachers have expressed their dissatisfaction, but the government threatens to place people who replace teachers who protest or go to marches, with people who are not prepared academically as regular teachers, in most cases they are politically committed to the government (without having an academic degree) and that is why they will be placed in the positions of those teachers who come out to protest as a way to silence them.

Not only are teachers dissatisfied with salaries, really, in general, any salary is too low for the high cost of products, you barely earn to buy food, it is much more difficult to buy necessary clothes and products.

Here we can see a small group of nurses who supported the protests, since the hospitals are totally neglected and also the salaries of the workers is miserable.


It is unfortunate all the effort that a person must make to fulfill his work but that in the end when he receives his salary, the money fades because it is impossible to buy what is required to live decently.

The photographs of this publication were sent to me by my sister-in-law who is a teacher and was present at today’s protest.


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