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Today I was preparing pancakes for my girls and I usually put them vanilla, so it occurred to me to investigate about the properties of this essence that we like so much and that maybe we have never seen it as a product with medicinal properties.

Vanilla is obtained from the pod that is produced from an orchid that produces edible fruit. Its scientific name is Vanilla planifolia, it belongs to the Orchidaceae family and is native to Mexico.

Of all the plants that belong to the Orchidaceae family, this is the only one capable of producing edible fruits. Its processing is very delicate and requires a lot of time.

Vanilla is well known in baking and pastry, however it can also be used for the benefit of our health, let’s see some of those benefits.




Inflammation represents a serious health hazard, since it is the basis of most diseases. Vanilla is useful for preventing or reducing inflammatory damage, especially those caused by liver damage.


It is a spice known for its aphrodisiac properties, as it can increase libido.

Anxiety and depression:

The spice is also known to reduce anxiety and depression. Researchers believe that these benefits are due to their anti-inflammatory properties.


The main aromatic molecule, responsible for its characteristic fragrance, is vanillin, this is a polyphenol with antioxidant properties that also has anti-cancer properties. The essential oil of vanilla also has anti-cancer properties.


Vanilla, or rather its aroma, seems to be able to perform a relaxing and calming activity towards the nervous system. These benefits are also effective against stress.


This species can benefit those who suffer from insomnia, a glass of soy milk with a few drops of vanilla essence can help you fall asleep.


Vanilla and its derivative products have antibacterial property. It is widely used for the treatment of cold sores naturally, in this case, you must dip a cotton ball in the vanilla extract and apply it to the wound 4 times a day. The results are clearly visible after the first application.

Its essential oil contains eugenol, a substance useful to fight infections and reduce the inflammation.


This spice makes it possible to reduce fever, due to some antipyretic components similar to those of aspirin.

Menstrual cycle:

Vanilla extract is useful to regulate the menstrual cycle and also relieves the discomforts that occur in those days.



In perfumery it is often added to orange for the preparation of soaps, creams or other beauty products since its antioxidant qualities allow to protect and rejuvenate the skin.

It is also used as a base for many perfumes that, in combination with vanilla, allows a variety of exquisite fragrances. Particularly, I love vanilla-based perfumes since I was a child.



In our kitchen, vanilla is mainly used in the preparation of desserts and is used to flavor chocolate, milk, sugar, spirits, cakes, drinks and ice cream.

I hope you like this initiative … you can make suggestions and propose fruits and vegetables for the next delivery.


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