A day when I shouldn’t have left home.

Greetings friends.

Today I woke up early as always, 5 am.
I didn’t take my husband to work today because he left with a friend. So I just took the girls to school. They study in different schools, so I took each one to their respective school … So far everything was fine.

I came home, had breakfast and planned the rest of the morning. I have had some blockages in my bank accounts, so I scheduled to visit the bank today.

I had to go to 3 banks before noon, that takes a long time here, because in the bank you can spend a whole day!

I went to the first bank to solve the blockade, and it all started there…

I explained to the girl at the bank that I can’t receive money in that account for more than 6 months and I don’t know why, the girl checked and it was a blocking due to lack of data update, she said that it was fast and I was going to update the data, she asked me for the password and maybe she wrote it wrong, but the account did not work. She had to reset all the information and re-create my user, and nothing, the system did not accept my data, she tried several times and the process was taking a long time, I could not waste much time there, so I told him that I would return another Day because I had to solve other procedures.

I went to the other bank to finalize the mortgage of our apartment. When I arrived, they indicated that there was no system due to lack of electricity. (something very common this year here in Venezuela).

I went to the next bank, there they could unlock my account quickly. Here in Venezuela there is a strong problem with cash, the banks have no cash and when they have the files they are very long, I thought I could take out cash and there was none.

I returned to the bank where there was no system, and they were already serving customers, I waited for my turn and a very kind girl attended me. (luck!). She explained me that he had to cancel the last installment to start the mortgage settlement. Thank God, I had the amount of that fee, which was a small amount… The girl began to process the documents for payment… and… again without electricity !!!, all the information was deleted. All the time there was lost.


He told me to wait for them to call me maybe in a couple of days … and I left. It was time to go find my daughters to school!

I went to the parking lot, paid and got in my car. When I started it, the car made a small explosion in the engine, and it didn’t start any more. My God, I couldn’t believe it!.

I needed to be in my oldest daughter’s school in 15 minutes and in my little daughter’s school in 30 minutes. I called my husband, who was at work, but to surprise, the cell phone only had 5% charge. (I always go out with the phone charged and this time there is an emergency, I was without a charge). As is customary now in Venezuela, telecommunications are bad. I had to try several times to communicate, that discharged the battery more and when I finally managed to talk to my husband, I could only tell him where I was and that the car does not work… The phone went out!

I talked with the girl in the parking lot to see if she lent me a phone to call and she didn’t have, I didn’t know what to do, because I didn’t have cash to go by public transport, and I couldn’t call by phone, it was time to be in the school, that made me distressed.

I went to my friend’s husband’s business, and asked for the phone and a charger for my phone. I was able to communicate with my mother and told her to look for me to look for girls at school. Thank God they were close. I arrived late to the girls’ schools (1 hour later) and the teachers were worried. My dad took me to my house and I looked for the tools for my husband to repair the car, My husband left at lunchtime from work and repaired the car, a hose had come out. Then he went back to work.

I left in my car and my father went behind just in case I failed again, I went to my parents’ house to wait for my husband leave work. When we left my parents’ house, my husband was the one who drove back to our home. Thank God he was driving, because the car throttle was stuck, on the highway. And my husband was able to take control and we went to the nearest service station and he fixed it.

We continued on our way home, there was little left, and … there was a protest about the lack of water, since we have many days without being supplied with water and people are already upset, there was no step and they were returning all the vehicles.

We had to go along the green roads, the route is longer and there are also many holes in the road. Finally we arrived at our apartment. I think it was a very long and exhausting day for everyone.

Sometimes we plan and things don’t go as expected!

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