Excuses and more excuses … and the problem is still there (Venezuela).

Greetings friends.

Many know the situation that my country is going through. There are many things you could imagine, but living here has become increasingly surprising. Here the unimaginable becomes possible.

Sometimes I think that only the mercy of God is what keeps us active, because it is amazing all the thing that we have to live daily. The quality of life of the Venezuelan is getting worse, mainly due to physical and mental exhaustion with every daily novelty.

Yesterday I was going to publish, and for a change, we ran out of electrical service. That unfortunately has become common here in Venezuela since the great blackout we had in March of this year, which lasted 5 continuous days. Since then, the electric service fails daily, there are days we run with the luck of having electricity 24 hours a day.

Generally, electricity is interrupted for a few hours, sometimes up to 4 or 5 hours without electric service, last night I thought: well, in a few hours I will have electricity again… but as here you can expect whatever… we were without electricity exactly 19 hours .


In addition to this problem of electricity… we have been experiencing a shortage of water for some months, due to the deterioration of the facilities of the company in charge of the water supply in the city where I live. For months they took our water a few days, then in the last 4 months this has become more acute, so that the water was sent to us only 2 or 3 times a week… and in the last 2 months, they send water, once a week . Last Sunday we had 15 days without water. And supposedly this week they would apply corrective. Supposedly yesterday they would send us the water, but due to the electrical failure, the mechanism that would send the water could not be activated. Now we are informed that since the electrical failure lasted so long, the water system will take approximately 48 hours to restore.

The government entity that is responsible for supplying water, «HIDROCAPITAL», always excuses itself by saying that due to electrical failures they do not send the water, although it is true that having no electricity supply, the water cannot be pumped, it is also It is true that the “Hidrocapital” company has not done maintenance for many years and most of the bombs have been damaged, this being denounced by several workers of that company who have been ignored and if the problem is really about electric service, the days we have electricity all day, we would have water. On the other hand, the entity in charge of the electrical system “CORPOELEC” always says that the problem is sabotage by the opposition and that is why there are so many electrical failures, when the reality is that the electrical system is overloaded and saturated because Most of the equipment has been damaged and instead of buying new equipment, they work with less equipment and more demand.

This has resulted in protests by the population, where they block the main roads, but without concrete response about a definitive solution, by the authorities that are in charge of the two government companies, since we all know that the basis of the problems and The root of all the evils of these two companies is the lack of maintenance but unfortunately they do not want to recognize or apply the corrective, they find it easier to blame others and continue like this without considering those affected.

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