Grateful for one more year of life.

Today is a very special day … It’s my birthday.


The first thing I do every day when I wake up is to thank God y Today my thanks are greater.

I thank He for everything that allowed me to live in the year that ended and I thank you for giving me another year to enjoy and share with my loved ones.

I thank He for giving me health to enjoy a healthy life.

I thank He for my family, especially my parents, my princesses and my husband.

I thank He, for my friends and the beautiful people who accompany me in life.

I thank He for your daily support and for your loyalty. Because so far we have not lacked anything.

I thank He for every miracle you have done in my life and for what He still have to do.

I thank God for always being with me because without Him I am nothing!.

My eternal love!

Simply Thank you for life and for your unconditional love, my God.

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