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Sugarcane is a perennial plant belonging to the Poaceae family.

The plant is mainly used for the production of sugar, but also, it caught my attention, the diversity of things that can be done or obtained in different areas of life, for example, The wax obtained from the stems of this plant, is used for the preparation of products for polishing furniture, footwear and leather. The stalks contain many fibers and are also used to make paper and fuel, It is also used to produce synthetic rubber and industrial alcohol.

However, I want to highlight here, the properties that this plant has for our health, and this is what I investigated:




According to studies, regular consumption of sugarcane juice has useful properties to combat prostate and breast cancer, because it is an alkaline. Some diseases, especially tumors, cannot develop in an alkaline environment. Therefore, your intake can help in the fight against cancer, prostate and breast in particular.


It has a high content of polyphenols, that is, phytonutrient compounds with antioxidant properties, which reduce the absorption of sugars in the bloodstream, and this plant has a low glycemic index.


It provides glucose to the body that is burned by the muscles to provide natural energy to the body. It also has rehydrating properties, very useful in case of sports activity due to its high mineral content.


The wide range of healthy components present in the juice helps the body keep LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels under control.


It is an excellent diuretic therefore prevents infections and protects the kidneys and liver.


The antioxidants in the drink help fight infections and strengthen the immune system.


Its intake has also been useful for treating fever caused by the flu and sore throat.



This plant is ready for consumption, when it becomes yellow and hard.

There are 2 ways to enjoy the plant.

  • The first is the pressing through which a sweet juice with refreshing properties is obtained.
  • The second is to cut the most tender part of the stem and chew it until the juice contained in it has run out. Also in this case there is a cooling effect.

The juice is consumed worldwide, for its healthy properties. In many regions, the juice is drunk with a pinch of salt and lemon juice, for example here in Venezuela.

The plant produces sugar, cane syrup, molasses, wax, rum and Molasses is used as a sweetener.

I hope you like this initiative … you can make suggestions and propose fruits and vegetables for the next delivery.


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