Beautiful Vicar.

Greetings friends.

Flowers have a way of transmitting joy to my heart, many women prefer other things, but I particularly love flowers.

Today I want to share with you these images that we took in my husband’s work garden last month. This plant is called Vicaria and its flowers are very pretty. There are pink, completely white and this I share with you today, that have the red center.

In the window of my apartment I have a vicar of white flowers, I have looked for these that have the red center but them have not got in my way. What I like about these plants is that they always have flowers, they are preferably sunny areas and in this way you will see them with their beautiful flowers all days. When they are in a place with shadows they almost don’t flower and they can even get sick, that happened to me a few months ago with my pink Vicar since I have her inside the apartment and she was turning yellow.

When I researched about these plants I could understand that They like the sun, so I placed the flower pot in a place where it receives a little sun a day and it was restored, and it is already giving me beautiful flowers. I also read that vicaria flowers are used for eye conditions, in case of styes or inflammation, boiling them and cold water is used to wash the eyes.

I like these vicaries a lot because the red center gives them a special touch, totally different from those with only white flowers. I hope to get in the next few months, of this species to place in my window.

All the photos were taken with my Camera Casio Exilim x3.

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