How are your thoughts?

Greetings friends.

I DON’T know why, but today I saw in different places, reflections about happiness or people who are really happy or not, concluding, that everything depended on the attitude and the way we see things.

For example, a pessimistic person will see everything bad, and naturally, he will always say that he is unhappy and even feel that he is unhappy. On the other hand, optimistic people will see things from a positive point of view, and naturally, they will be a person who will express their happiness.


this photo was taken with my Camera Casio Exilim x3.

I have talked about this in some of my publications, and it is not a theory but a reality. Although I have talked about it before, it seemed important to mention it again, taking advantage of the fact that today I had the opportunity to read several reflections that reached the same point.

Everything in life has a lot to do with our attitude and our way of thinking, we cannot expect everything to go well when we ourselves sabotage ourselves with negative thoughts, for example you want to establish a business, but at once you think it is impossible, It is very difficult or even worse that my business will go bankrupt. Then, such thoughts will never allow you to move towards the business that awaits you… unlike an optimistic person who wants to start a business, despite the inconvenience, you will always see the crisis as opportunities and inconveniences as barriers that You must cross to reach your precious goal and that everything in life deserves an effort to then enjoy the fruits.

So, we are the ones who can sabotage our future if we let negative thoughts take over our minds and neutralize our steps, therefore, let’s try to get all negative thoughts out of our mind and strive to cultivate positive thoughts, thoughts that encourage us , that edify us.

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