Can us Venezuelans get a passport again?

Greetings friends.

In view of the fact that many have left the country, and that for the government, that is not a good sign of their management before international eyes, the Venezuelan government, last year, anchored the tariffs that must be canceled to issue or renew passports


The amounts are exorbitant, and in my opinion, it is a measure so that no one can leave… or only the rich.

We particularly started to process my little daughter’s passport 2 years ago and the process is still paralyzed by the entity in charge and every time I go to know the reasons for the stop, they just tell me that I should continue waiting. From waiting so long, my husband’s passport, that of my daughter Kathe and mine, caduced, and to be able to renew them it became impossible, because the page did not open, or the page did not accept payment, in short, We could not renovate.

One of the drawbacks was the rate, apparently it was an amount accessible to many people who managed to leave the country, but as that is not well seen in other countries, then the government decided to anchor the amount of tariffs, at the price of the cryptocurrency that they created «petro», therefore for the issuance of Venezuelan passport you must pay 3.36 petros, which is equivalent to 14,116,012.46 Bolívares. And for the renewal (extension figure) 1.68 petros must be paid, which is equivalent to 7,558,648 bolivars.

I wonder how we can pay these tariffs, if the minimum wage established by President Maduro, on January 10, 2020, is 250,000.00 bolivars.

Illogical!!! truth??? Well, that and many other crazy things are what we live here in Venezuela!

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