Only in Him do I trust.

Greetings friends and brothers,

How can I not trust God. He is all powerful and he is the one who gave everything for me since before I was born. It is so difficult for me to understand those people who doubt its existence or who believe in theories that are less credible to me than the Divine creation of God in Eden.


Now with everything that happens in the world, many people have dedicated themselves to saying that God does not exist and in other cases they express that God is bad for allowing the things that happen to happen.

Things happen in the world that are consequences of our actions and for them we cannot blame God, because there is even a law of cause and effect. So, for many it is easier to blame God for disasters before thinking about the origin of things or what could have caused such a situation.

In particular, I do not imagine my life without God. I fully trust him and I know that what he allows in my life has a purpose that only he knows. I also know that if my actions are correct, the consequences in most cases should be good and this occurs when what I do I always put in God’s hands, always walking under His will, so I know that His direction is my best ally.

Today the reading that I want to share with you is in Job 5:8-16, a beautiful reading, worthy of meditation.

Job 5:8-16

8 “But if I were you, I would appeal to God;
I would lay my cause before him.
9 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,
miracles that cannot be counted.
10 He provides rain for the earth;
he sends water on the countryside.
11 The lowly he sets on high,
and those who mourn are lifted to safety.
12 He thwarts the plans of the crafty,
so that their hands achieve no success.
13 He catches the wise in their craftiness,
and the schemes of the wily are swept away.
14 Darkness comes upon them in the daytime;
at noon they grope as in the night.
15 He saves the needy from the sword in their mouth;
he saves them from the clutches of the powerful.
16 So the poor have hope,
and injustice shuts its mouth.

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New interntional version Bible

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